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// an ami suzuki fan community

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Welcome to transcendtheten! We are a community dedicated to the Japanese electronic artist Ami Suzuki! Feel free to discuss her latest happenings to your heart's desire! Anyone who's a fan of her work -- whether it be her Sony work, her independent work, or her avex work -- is encouraged to join and post an entry about it!

Like any other community, we have rules, so we'd appreciate if you'd read the few rules we have carefully, and abide by them as well as you can.

1. Please check if there is another entry in the community about what you want to post before you post, just so we can avoid the same thing being posted over and over again.
2. Please don't excessively post negative comments in any of the entries. We understand that you may not always like or agree with what's posted, but there is a difference between constructive responses and useless flaming.
3. Keep the discussion of this community about Ami. All posts must have something to do with Ami, or they'll be at risk for deletion.
4. You may promote your community, but if that's all you do in the community, then you'll be banned without question.
5. We like providing you with downloads for Ami's work, but please don't expect us to post her whole discography for you. If you've got a request, please post it in the Request Post. Anyone may help to fill requests, too! All help is appreciated, and may lead to you becoming a maintainer.
The rules may be changed at any time, you will be notified if they do.


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transcend the ten

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